2019 Catechesis Colloquium Audio


2019 Catechesis Colloquium Audio

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An all-day conference with Hans Boersma entitled “Catechesis as Mystagogy” in Waco, TX on March 23, 2019, with responses from Fr. Lee Nelson and Fr. Shawn McCain.

Presentation 1: The Purpose of Catechesis

Presentation 2: The Challenge of Modernity

Presentation 3: Catechesis and Memory

Presentation 4: Catechesis and the Reading of Scripture


What is the purpose of catechesis? What is its place in the (post-)modern world? How does catechesis relate to ongoing, lifelong discipleship? What is the ultimate goal of catechetical theology? 

In this four-lecture colloquium, theologian Hans Boersma shows how a robust sacramental approach to theology can strengthen and enliven approaches to catechesis. "Mystagogy" is an ancient term meaning "leading into the mysteries." Boersma, along with responders Lee Nelson and Shawn McCain, explores how the notion of catechesis as mystagogy—as being led into life with God—can enable the flourishing of lifelong discipleship. More than just learning the catechism, more than just a "check list" of ideas to memorize, catechesis is about preparing for and entering deeper into life in Christ.