J. I. Packer on Catechesis

Among pastors and theologians today, few have written more passionately and persuasively on the need to restore catechesis in the church today. A self-described "latter-day catechist," Dr. Packer stands in a small tradition of pastoral theologians—including people like C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and John Stott—who wrote for a higher level but still non-specialist audience. One of the problems behind the contemporary failure to catechize, he recognized, was the multitude of books for either beginners in the faith or academic specialists, but not much else for folks in between. Packer saw his task as a "translator" of the wisdom of the Great Tradition, helping believers come to a greater understanding of their life in faith.

Below are a few video clips, articles, quotes, and references to books by Dr. Packer on catechesis.  


2014 Interview w/ Joel Scandrett (Trinity School for Ministry)

Dr. Packer describes catechesis as the nexus point between "the doctrine by which we live" and "how we live that doctrine." 

a Three-Part Series on Catechesis (2014)

Dr. Packer delivered three lectures at the 2014 ANiC (Anglican Network in Canada) Synod. In each one, Dr. Packer lectures for about 30-45 minutes, and is followed by an "application" by Jeremy Graham, a priest at St. Johns Church in Vancouver where Packer attends. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


"Called to Catechize" — In this article for the online journal, The North American Anglican, Dr. Packer sets out his case for Anglicans in particular to recover catechesis. One of the particular points of note is how he narrates the reduction of all-age catechesis—a hallmark of the Puritans—to a child-only form of catechesis.