The Institute for the Renewal of Christian Catechesis exists to serve the church by promoting biblical, historical, theological, and ecumenical approaches to catechesis.



The Institute for the Renewal of Christian Catechesis (IRCC) is a research and educational non-profit that serves local churches through training church leaders in the art of catechesis and the advancement of academic research related to catechesis. We provide resources, training, and coaching for church leaders at any level. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, but with an ecumenical scope, we seek to build bridges between scholars and pastors in order to equip and serve the church and the academy.

Above all, we pray for a widespread renewal of the church and culture through the implementation of biblically rich, historically sensitive, and theologically robust modes of training Christians in faithful living and righteousness.  



Upcoming Events

The 2020 Catechesis Colloquium will take place on February 7–8, 2020 (Friday-Saturday) at Eucharist Church in San Francisco, CA, with featured speakers Dr. Greg Peters and Dr. Gerald Sittser.

catechesis and monasticism

Featuring Gerald Sittser and Greg Peters


Past Events

Catechesis as mystagogy

Featuring Hans Boersma

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The IRCC is a virtual library of resources to aid the pastor and scholar in the work of catechesis. Whether you are looking for resources to begin a catechetical ministry at church, or looking for detailed scholarly bibliographies on topics related to catechesis, we have much to offer.


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