Here you'll find information on books, articles, and digital sources related to catechesis, as well as information on catechism texts and other supplemental material.


Getting Started

A short list of some of the most useful books and articles to help get you started with catechesis.

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Free Resources

A sampling of free articles from around the Web, mostly on the general topic of catechesis, as well as more practical issues.


J. I. Packer on Catechesis

J. I. Packer is an important mentor in the renewal of Christian Catechesis. Here is sampling of some of his writings, videos, and quotes relating to catechesis.


Fellows Programs

A model of catechesis known as fellows programs help especially those in their 20s and 30s learn theology in the context community, spiritual disciplines, and vocational discernment.


Catechesis Across Traditions

Different traditions employ different catechism texts—some new, some old. Here are links to several of the most well known, as well as secondary material on catechesis from different ecclesial perspectives. 


Aids to Catechesis

Most catechisms are arranged around the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and some kind of sacramental or liturgical teaching. Here you'll find resources that address these topics, which will help catechists deepen and enrich their teaching.



Here's a lengthier list of resources that provides a more in depth look at catechesis. Besides a general bibliography, there are bibliographies dedicated to catechesis in the early church, the medieval/reformation church, as well as family/children's catechesis, and the study of conversion.