The Purpose of the Blog

This blog will be a sort of public placeholder for keeping up with research notes. This will not only help me sort through my findings, but to do so in a way that benefits others. They'll usually be short entries of something I'm reading or things I find, but my hope is that it will serve as ongoing encouragement and edification for those involved in the weekly work of catechesis. 

I would also love to hear from you. Whether you're just curious about what catechesis is, wondering how to implement catechesis in your church, or have experience to share, please get in touch! 

My sense is that many pastors and educators engaged in the work of catechesis don't have much time to go around telling other people what they're doing. If I can get people connected and collect some "stories from the field" I think that would go a long way towards aiding churches in the renewal of catechesis.